Russia Gosloto 7-49 Results: Tuesday 17 May 2022

Gosloto 7-49 Results have been released, for Tuesday 17 May 2022. The 7/49 draws are announced five times a day at 10:00 am, 13:30, 15:30, 19:00 and at 22:30.

Gosloto 7/49 Results

Gosloto 7-49 results have been announced and we have updated the results below for your viewing. These are the Official  7-49 draw Results.

We update the website continuously for the Russian and South African players. The 7-49 draw results are posted every day at 10:00 am, 13:30, 15:30, 19:00 and at 22:30 (SAST) time.

 7/49 Draw 10:30 AM Results

14 20 28 37 41 42 49

 7/49 Draw 13:30 PM Results

06 08 21 26 28 37 43

 7/49 Draw 15:30 PM Results

10 15 17 23 30 36 37

 7/49 Draw 19:00 PM Results

11 13 16 34 42 44 47

 7/49 Draw 22:30 PM Results

// // // // // // //

Gosloto 7-49 Results

There are four daily draws for the 7-49 draw lottery, which are held in Russia by Stolaro. One draw takes place at 10:30am, followed by another at 13:30PM, and the last one is at 19:30PM. The jackpot is based on the number of people who have bought tickets for the previous 10 or 30 draws, respectively.

A hot number is drawn more often, and has a high probability of coming up again. A cold number is the least likely to be drawn. If a player buys a ticket, it is best to stick to the hot number.

Players choose seven numbers between one and 49, and match them. If their numbers match, they will win a prize of between R3 and R26.5 million. They must be matched to the withdrawn numbers to win the prize.

A minimum entry fee of 100 Rubbles is required. A retailer closes its ticket counter 20 minutes before the drawing begins. In October, the biggest jackpot in the history of Gosloto was R27 million.

What is the Gosloto 7/49 lottery?

To play Gosloto 7/49, you can choose seven numbers between one and 49. You can enter one draw, or multiple draws, for a total of 50,000,000 Russian rubles. The jackpot prize in the game is always worth 50 million rubles, and it can be won multiple times. The jackpot prize in the 7/49 draw is not regulated by any country, and you can participate online. The government of Russia collects income tax on winnings before payouts.

Russia Gosloto 7/49 Hot Numbers

Those who play the game regularly should take advantage of the Hot Numbers system. This type of lottery uses numbers that have been drawn in the last few draws. The hot numbers have a high probability of being drawn again, while the cold numbers are less likely to be drawn. These predictions are based on past draws and guesses. It’s therefore best to play according to the Hot Numbers to maximize your chances of winning.

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What are the ods of Winning the Gosloto?

The odds for Russia Gosloto vary depending on the number of draws. If you’re looking for a good value bet, you can choose Betway South Africa as one of your preferred bookmakers. The company puts their customers first, and boasts an awesome range of betting markets and bonuses. You can even win a massive cash prize! However, make sure you understand the rules of the game before betting online.

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