UK49s Latest Results began its journey as a means to show UK49s lotto players the Latest results. Most of the players that are from South Africa, needed a reliable source that constantly updates the Lunchtime and Teatime Draw every day. Results had to be displayed clearly and had to be accurate.

We pride ourselves on fulfilling this need for the South African UK49s players and strive to have the results updated as soon as they are released.

Over time we have added valuable content to help better the experience of the 49’s that play the Uk49s Lotto. We added Historical Results as far back as the year 2000. Neatly and accurately displayed.

This helps players to study certain number combinations that might help them improve their chances of winning the UK49s Lotto.

We added a Number Generator to help players with new number sequences, similar to playing the Lucky Dip, but not exactly the same.

Players have requested results for the France Lotto and the Greece Powerball, which is another favorite lotto for South Africans to play. Not only did we update the France Lotto and Greece Powerball Results but have also included the Historical results for those lottos too.

We are on a mission to improve the user experience for each user that visit’s our site. We hope you find the information helpful as we will be adding more helpful content to the site in the near future.

Thank you for visiting

and Good Luck 49’s


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