We list all the latest and correct numbers from the daily Uk49s Lunchtime and Teatime results when they are released. We are not affiliated with the official UK49s Company in any way.

These results are displayed specifically for educational and historical reasons. We only display the winning Lunchtime and Teatime results daily, as soon as they are released. For more information about the UK49s please visit their Website.

How are the results Displayed?

We display results for our users in two different ways. This is to ensure that every user enjoys their experience on the website.

  • Homepage: We display the latest Lunchtime and Teatime results on our homepage. These results are for the Current Month. Once a new month begins, we then take the Lunchtime and Teatime Results and add them to our Past Results.
  • Daily Results: We have two tabs on our menu labeled Lunchtime results and Teatime results. This section shows daily results. Each result is categorized by Month, date, and time.


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